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The SonoWrite, SonoWrite Lite, SonoWrite Elements and RadReport project are committed to protecting your privacy. 
This privacy & disclaimer statement applies only to the services made available by the SonoWrite/SonoWrite Lite/SonoWrite Elements and RadReport application.


Personal information:


  • These application does not collect or transmit any user's personally identifiable information.

  • No personal information is used, stored, secured or disclosed by services this application works with.

  • SonoWrite needs to access your Saved Pictures folder.

  • The SonoWrite saves Ultrasound Captured images in your “Saved Pictures” folder with names Image1 and Image2.

  • The SonoWrite does not transmit any data in "Saved Pictures" folder.

  • The SonoWrite does not use any of your data in your "Saved Pictures" folder other than saved images you save during capture.


SonoWrite, SonoWrite Lite, SonoWrite Elements and RadReport needs Internet Connection:


  • These application only use internet for: 
    watching tutorial videos.

Report violations or get more information:


  • If you would like to report any violations of this policy or get more information on any app, please contact me using email:

  • This policy is subject to change without notice. Please check this page for the latest privacy policy.

  • If you disagree with this policy, please discontinue use of the application.

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